Best Pruning Shears – Choice of Models in 2019

Best Pruning Shears! Overview of the Best Garden Pruners Models 2019 Are Here!

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A good pruner – a beautiful garden!

Handling of plants is a useful and interesting activity but at the same time it’s not that easy. One might wonder what could be easier: you just should water shrubs and trees on time and that’s all. However, experienced gardeners acquire a whole arsenal of various devices to care for their plants. And one of the most useful devices is a hand pruner.

What you should pay attention to?

A pruner is a device with which you cut shoots and small branches of garden plants. It sounds quite simple but actually you should carry the choice of best  hand pruner with more responsibility. If you use a bad device, you can damage a plant or injure yourself.

Top-5 best hand pruners

  • gonicc 8″ Professional Sharp Bypass Pruning Shears
  • EEPIRR Hand Pruners Heavy Duty Anvil Pruning Shears
  • gonicc 8″ Professional SK-5 Steel Blade Anvil Pruning Shears (GPPS-1010)
  • EnduroPRO Titanium Pruning Shears
  • TABOR TOOLS S3A Professional Sharp Bypass Pruning Shears

Table of specifications of best pruners

Picture Product name Main characteristics Price on Amazon
gonicc 8" Professional Sharp Bypass Pruning Shears gonicc 8″ Professional Sharp Bypass Pruning Shears Item Weight: 7.2 ounces.
Pruner Type: BYPASS.
Bladder Material: Ultra-fine Polishing Technology SK-5 Steel.
Handle Material: Aluminum+PVC.
Ergonomically designed non-slip handles.
Pruners can cut up to 3/4″ diameter size tree branches.
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EEPIRR Hand Pruners Heavy Duty Anvil Pruning Shears EEPIRR Hand Pruners Heavy Duty Anvil Pruning Shears Item Weight: 6.4 ounces.
Blade length:2.6 inches.
Maximum cutting capacity: 19 mm diameter.
Usual cutting capacity: 12 mm diameter. This may vary depending on tree species.
Blade Material: SK-5 steel.
Handle Material: Aluminum.
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gonicc 8" Professional SK-5 Steel Blade Anvil Pruning Shears (GPPS-1010) gonicc 8″ Professional SK-5 Steel Blade Anvil Pruning Shears (GPPS-1010) Item Weight: 6.4 ounces.
Pruner Type: Anvil.
Product Name: 8″ Professional Pruning Shears.
Bladder Material: Ultra-fine Polishing Technology SK-5 Steel.
Handle Material: Aluminum+PVC.
Pruners can cut up to 1″ diameter size tree branches.
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EnduroPRO Titanium Pruning Shears EnduroPRO Titanium Pruning Shears Item Weight: 9.6 ounces.
Style: Ergonomic.
Ideal For: Extended Pruning.
Cutting Capacity: up to 1 inch.
Hand Size: Medium-Large.
SK-5 Titanium-Coated Blade: ✓.
Non-stick Sap Groove: ✓.
Blade Adjustment System: ✓.
Lightweight Drop-Forged Aluminum Construction: ✓.
Preset Cutting Position (FitAdjust): ✓.
Non-slip Shock-Absorbing Handles: ✓.
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1. gonicc 8″ Professional Sharp Bypass Pruning Shears

High-quality scissors made for cutting branches of trees and bushes. The blade of the tool is made of high-carbon SK-5 steel. The ultra-thin sharpening of the blade allows to easily cut branches up to 3/4 inches in diameter and the blade remains sharp for a long time. Its curved form won’t allow the branch you cut to slip out of your hands and makes handling of plants quick and easy.

The handles are firm and ergonomical which allows the gardener to hold the tool conveniently and make less effort cutting the branches at the same time. Anti-slip coating of handles doesn’t let them slip even if your fingers are wet which is especially acute when you’re working in summer heat or rain.

Between the handles there’s a relief spring which returns to its home position. At the same time it doesn’t allow the handles to snap shut quickly and press and injury the man’s fingers. The handles are made of aluminum alloy that facilitates the overall weight of the tool.


  • Ease and convenience of use.
  • Good quality in comparison with budget cost.


  • Pullback spring tends to fall out.

2. EEPIRR Hand Pruners Heavy Duty Anvil Pruning Shears

Eepirr is a powerful garden pruner which is used to remove withered branch of trees and bushes. The blade of the pruner has a curve and is made of high-quality SK-5 steel covered with teflon coating for better sliding and rust protection. This allows the blade to remain sharp for a long time and it doesn’t need constant grinding. In this model, the upper blade has a sharp wedge-shaped grinding. The lower part isn’t a blade it has a wide foundation – the anvil which is a stopper of the upper blade while gripping the tool.

The design of the pruner is equipped with a special pulley which allows to increase the force of compression of the blades of scissors by 35%. That makes it easier to cut the branches of 3/4 inches in diameter without making extra effort.

The handles have the convenient form allowing to hold them tightly and your fingers don’t slip while working. The handles have locks, keeping the blades closed when they’re in your pocket or instrument box.


  • High quality of the blades’ material. They can deal easily with branches.
  • The long-term work with the Eepirr pruner doesn’t cause pain in the fingers and muscles of the hand.


  • If you lock the handles sharp, the lock spring can fall out.

3. gonicc 8″ Professional SK-5 Steel Blade Anvil Pruning Shears (GPPS-1010)

Gonicc 8″ (GPPS-1010) –  is a professional pruner for garden work. The blades are made of high-quality alloy steel of SK-5 steel, in accordance with the highest quality standard. Specially designed construction of the pruner will increase the compression force by 2 times. With such a tool even a fragile woman can easily deal with thick branches of trees and bushes.

Between the handles there is a string which returns them in the reverse position when opening. Plastic shock absorbers are installed on the handles to prevent them from closing completely, eliminating the risk of pinched fingers.

Egronomical form of the handles also contributes to the convenience of holding the tool while working with it. Your hands are less tired when working with Gonicc 8 and they don’t ache the next morning.

This pruner can effectively cut thin stems of flowers as well as remove withered branches of 1 inch in diameter. With its help it’s convenient to give the bushes and hedge the needed form.


  • The optimal balance between price and quality.
  • The blades are sharp and handle different branches of bushes perfectly.


  • The latch that secures the scissors in the closed state can spontaneously open.

4. EnduroPRO Titanium Pruning Shears

EnduroPRO – is a universal tool for garden work which combines the best qualities of the tools for bushes, hedges and fruit trees.

The blades are made of high quality Japanese steel. The alloy stainless steel allows the razor age to remain sharp for as long as possible and resist the appearance of rust and corrosion effectively. The curved form of blades allows to cut the branches of trees and bushed of 1 inch in diameter without slipping.

The adjustment bolt allows to set the required distance between the blades for more convenient cutting of branches of different thickness and stiffness. Also, with the help of the adjustment system, the width of the opening of the handles can be changed, and it allows to adjust the tool for the palm of every size – for a wide man’ s palm, for small woman’s hand.

The handles of the tool are made in a form that is convenient for holding in the hand, and are covered with soft plastic. The egronomical design, anti slip coating of handles and sharp blades allow to cut plants without extra efforts. The stopper inserted between the handles in the form of a string of metal tape won’t allow you to pinch your fingers while closing the pruner sharp. The same spring is a shock-absorber, protecting hands from vibrations while cutting the branches.


  • It’s perfect for both men and women
  • The convenient shape of handles and sharp blades


  • Blade clamp adjustment may weaken.

TABOR TOOLS S3A –  is a pruner one of the world leaders in the production of garden tools. Hard-treated blade from firm steel as sharp as a scalpel – it can easily deal with branches of large bushes and  garden trees as well as with flowers in flowerbeds or with grass.

Special notches on the foundations of the blades allows to cut even steel wire. With a total length of 8 inches, the tool is capable of snacking on branches up to 1 inch diameter. Protective chromium plate reduces friction of the trimmer, which ensures smooth cutting.

The hardened steel center bolt and nut with locking-segment assure exact adjustment of the closure of the blades. A rubber cushion and shock absorber provide smooth working and soft closing to spare your hands and wrists.

The rubber shock-absorber and spring smooth the sharp movements while cutting and protect your hand and wrist. This is a perfect tool for every gardener even for older people with weak hands.


  • Sharp blades and convenient handles.
  • They make a clean even cut.


  • The lock spring may fall out.

How to choose the best hand pruner

Any gardener, regardless of gender, age or experience, expects the pruners to make good cuts and be easy to use. Thus it’s important to pay attention to certain characteristics of pruners.

The blade

When choosing pruning shears you should find out from which material was the blade made. For frim, wear well pruners the blades are made from high-carbon steel. Stainless steel is also good and is used to produce blades that won’t corrode.


The pruner mustn’t fall out of your hands or rub them during the long-term work. The qualitative handles have a coating of rubberized or polymeric materials.

If you need to work for a long time, then you have to choose soft non-slip even material. For a short job, a smooth plastic version with finger grooves is sufficient.

Anti-sticking coating

Plants contain sap, which is released when working with pruners and it settles on the blades of the tool. To avoid the appearance of adhered layer the producers of lopping shears apply special anti-sticking coating on the blade. Most often it is teflon or chrome.


Due to the spring the tool opens and closes smoothly and softly and on finishing the work it returns to the normal position. They springs can be wire and ribbon. The ribbon spring are more wearproof but can clog.

Conclusion – best hand pruners

It is necessary to approach the choice of such a tool as a pruner with full responsibility because nowadays there is a wide range of them.

They can be of different shape, color, size and weight. But their main characteristic is the quality. When considering the choice of a pruner, remember that the quality of the tool depends on the quality of all its individual parts combined.


Summing up, we can say that the choice of the pruner is carried out according to the following criteria:

  • convenience;
  • durable and clever design;
  • the quality of the cut which depends on model and the material of the blade;
  • all-purposeness and availability of extra functions.

According to the reviews of experienced gardeners and amateurs and tests carried by some experts, the leader is TABOR TOOLS S3A. This pruner showed high productivity, reliability, good cut quality, ease of use.

The advantages of this model are the function of adjusting the width of the opening of the handles and the protective chrome coating.


How often do you need to grind your pruner?

The initial grinding is carried with a laser. Then you need to treat the tool carefully to keep the factory edge. Grinding is performed as necessary, not reaching the full blunting of the tool. Otherwise the blades can deform and you will have to buy a new tool.

What measures you need to take to use your pruner for a long time?

First of all, follow the recommended cutting diameter values.

Keep the instrument clean and dry between uses.

Do not use a tool for cutting materials it’s not supposed to work with.

Do you need to have different pruners for different works or just one or two?

For professional work you’d better chose tools as intended. If you plan to work only on your site, you can pick up one or more models that can be used to fully maintain the garden.

Mistakes in choosing and using a pruner

This is a choice of tools on the principle of lower cost.

Pruners today are a very popular tool for gardeners, so the choice of models and manufacturers is very large. At the same time, the cost of similar models from different manufacturers directly depends on the quality of the material from which the blades, handles, and other components are made. Therefore, we do not recommend buying the cheapest models.

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